Thursday, June 23, 2011

bordbar. genius service cart design.

we've all seen them, usually gliding clumsily down our airplane isles, loaded with drinks and expensive snacks, bland, non~descript service carts. well, forget all of those, bordbar has, through a team of inventive, creative designers, come up with graphic and bright pieces for your home or office or wherever you could use them, transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary! i love this idea...

think of the possibilities friends, from filing important files or (design ideas, clippings, themes) to drinks, or who knows what! i love that they are mobile, that they offer an industrial feel to spaces yet with choices of so many patterns, and their minimal space requirements, they are also design genius.

so what would you store in your very own, individually designed service cart? do you like the idea? where do you think they are best utilized? i'd love to hear your feedback. and with that, enjoy your day!