Thursday, May 5, 2011

do you hang or do you lean?

so what are you? do you hang or do you lean? what i mean is, are you the type of person who needs to or enjoys your artwork, prints, mirrors etc. hung, strategically placed, orderly or eclectic but hung none the less? or are you a leaner, can those same objects be propped, temporarily, leaning, askew, off~center, and very non orderly in a way? and either way, what does that say about us?

from the table top, to the shelf top to the floor, leaning artwork, maps, photographs, mirrors, you name it, you can lean it. these 2 via canadian house and home.

leaning mirrors, large or small, definitely alters the space for the interesting. instead of hanging high, awaiting a subject, it constantly has one, and wherever you move it to, whatever it is reflecting, can change the dynamic of the space. very cool. via glas italia.

at times, hanging smaller pieces and leaning larger ones, creates a grounding of the space, a weight and leaves your eye to roam the space, all at different levels. via design evolution.

leaning artwork, photographs in close quarters, on kitchen shelves, work spaces makes for an intimate association with your art, for you and your guests. this via bolaget.

mix and match it. hang some, lean some. all you are doing is make a space, even as small as this, oh~so~much~more~interesting! via bolig magasinet.

well here, i just adore the entire space, but notice the pretty painting just leaning on top of the sweet nightstand, softening the space even more. via dwellings & decor.
also via dwellings & decor, a natural work area, sun streaming in, uncluttered, and of course, art! and leaning!...just so very fresh.

love, love, love mirrors leaning, the bigger the better. add a painting next to it and you have beautiful! via house to home.

i'm not even sure it says anything, maybe i'm reaching, maybe i'm just plain curious. i, after taking a look around my cottage am both. but my style is very eclectic and off~center. i enjoy a home mixed up, not all the same. i'm orderly but only to a point, i still enjoy spaces relaxed and a bit non~permanent in their placement. does that make sense? and if so, which one are you? or are you both?

so this is just for fun, i'd love to hear how you hang, lean, prop or place your accessories, your art. it's almost friday friends! enjoy your day...;)

p.s. oh! and tomorrow i'll share photos of a sweet baby shower gift i made for a friend. oh, and it can be hung or leaning, we'll see how she places it!


Sing said...

I do a combination in my apartment of hanging and leaning. Adds great interest. I always laugh when my guests ask me when I'm going to hang a certain picture or thing. I just want to pat them on their heads and say there thre.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Both!! I have some stuff hung but I have albums in frames that I have leaning! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Jules said...

gorgeous photos! as i look around my apartment, i'm realizing that i'm a hanger! i love the look of leaning artwork and mirrors, especially on a fireplace mantle. i need to do a little leaning around my place. time for some things to come off the walls! enjoy your mother's day, robin :) your son is very lucky to have such a fabulous mother! xoxo - julie