Friday, May 6, 2011

friday fun.

the 1st thing i want to share this fun friday is a do~it~myself (or now, a do~it~yourself) baby shower project. i must admit, i did get the soft, au natural idea from a cup of jo's blog. i just simply went outside on a recent beautiful day, took photos of the sky, picked the one i like best and voila! i had it blown up by uprinting (and i have to say they were great! & reasonable!), headed to ikea for the frame (which came matted already!) and bing, bam, boom, a gift for a baby~to~be for a friend of mine. i was hoping that placing a sun~shiny sky right there in the nursery would provide a sense of hope and positivity for the baby to look to. promise. anything goes sort of view. what do you think? i'm in love with it and now want one for my own!

2nd fun thing this friday...i woke to a big male turkey in my yard this week. he was absolutely gorgeous (and friendly!), but my (female) cat steven (i know...i named her before i knew she was a female for sure) didn't think the turkey was so sweet. she crouched, stalked the turkey but in the end, realized that the turkey was bigger and would win ;)

so there you have it, my friday fun to share. what are your plans this weekend? ah, i'm in my last week/weekend of classwork before a much needed break! oh and let's add in that today i had a route canal on one of my teeth, ah, i'd rather go through labor again, or not. wait. yes, i would. did i say that out loud? ;) seriously not fun. so now, enjoying a glass of red wine (redemption) and watching the red sox. wherever you are, whatever you do this weekend, enjoy!

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