Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ocean inspired.

as i sit here, sleepy from late night finals, with a grey misty day in front of me, i'm longing to get closer to the ocean. don't get me wrong, i live just down the street from the ocean but i mean really close...as in, in it! so, while i wait for the weather to clear and the temperatures to rise a little more, i'm ocean inspired. here are some of my recent inspirational favorites...

missoni anything, evokes for me, through their luscious patterns, rippled sands, soft flowing waves, warm sunny color palettes. i can never get enough!

this bubble chandelier, ocean inspired and green to boot! offered by shaun kasperbauer, think the glistening bits of light that flicker on ocean waves. then think wow, this is made from recycling 2 liter soda bottles. not kidding!

like fish scales and waves. these 2 chairs offered by jarrod lim design are absolutely your ocean inspired conversation piece seating.

these marimekko blue dot plates had me at, well, blue dot plates! i love the oceanic color scheme and the pattern reminds me of cool sea foam. love. offered at tas-ka.

whimsy and ink, over at the fab etsy site is offering these wickedly clever ocean inspired flasks...i just might need a flask when i didn't think so yesterday!

crashing water oil painting and wonderful teak console with iron doors. these have ocean inspired written all over them friends! available at, at west end.

these deck chairs offered by gandia blasco are perfect (even off the deck!).

i never stop appreciating and being inspired by the ocean, especially the atlantic. there is something so awe inspiring, powerful and very moving about this ocean of mine. i love living near the edge. meaning, i love that i can walk to the edge of the ocean and look out, to everywhere, anytime i want. i'm lucky that way. i'm also lucky to have found these amazing products from amazing designers. hope you're feeling lucky today too! enjoy...

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Great ideas!