Wednesday, May 11, 2011

just plain cool.

do you find yourself, every now and then, while perusing various blogs or sites or design magazines saying out loud, "that's so cool!"? i do it alot! today i wanted to share some jaw dropping finds, things/designers/companies i thought were just plain cool...

these halo shaped led lights, also as a very cool wall treatment are, well, cool! imagine the possibilities for construction, pattern, creating a sculpturally lit wall? wow. found through doorknob.

i'm a sucker for too cool wall treatments and this bird on a window perch has me wanting a cool new look for a space in my little cottage. find this cutie at ferm living.
for a pop of pattern and a pop of color, head to flutter for really, too cool pillows.

foscarini big bang suspension lights are not just "wow", they are intriguing commercially, residentially (even one, smack dab over a more vintage dining area to throw the space off), and they are just plain super cool! find them at nest.

this eight legged table, poured with pink epoxy (or other colors for that matter) is absolutely just plain cool. offered at sschemata.

cool shape, cool color, and the high curving around your head is supposed to be noise cancelling, ah, that's definitely cool. find at lebello.

what have you seen, purchased, ogled, desired lately that is just plain cool? i'd love to hear!

i'm trtying to remain calm, it seems like it's been a month of grey, windy, misty weather in massachusetts. seriously. and the forecast for next week? no better i'm afraid. so, as i contemplate running to a tanning booth for some sort of light therapy, i leave you today with these very cool things! enjoy ;)

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