Friday, April 8, 2011

yeah it's friday!

found at oh happy day!
so, do tell! what are your big weekend plans? huh? huh?! we are headed to boston tomorrow, to harvard's sanders theater for an evening sharing 40 years of jazz and the havard jazz band. (i'm a bit of a jazz nut, i listen to jazz, well, all of the time lately!) then,

well, let me back up. before the jazz concert we will of course seek out delish food in the area (one of my favorite things to do is eat in the city),

ok, then the concert. then sunday, we have plans to watch the end of the masters, (i'm predicting tiger will be high on the leader board, we'll see...). while watching the master's we will be celebrating a birthday, eating homemade lasagna and drinking red wine.

in between all of that, (but preferably not while drinking said delicious red wine) homework, some more homework, oh and some more homework after that! ;)

wherever you are, whatever you're doing, enjoy!!

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