Thursday, April 7, 2011

miinu. traces of history.

miinu has done something oh~so interesting, they've placed individual pieces of traditional turkish carpets, creating one new carpet, keeping alive turkish craftsmanship, brilliant, exotic color and wonderful texture, with a new soul, with character and with "life experience."

after my mother passed away, i came into 3 antique rugs. my great, great, great grandfather travelled to turkey and back for over 30 years. these rugs have always been my favorite thing in my mother's house. gently worn, still holding rich elegant color, there is something very special about them for me. so, now being the owner of these beautiful family treasures, i am even more appreciative of companies such as miinu, restoring, re~creating, renovating pieces of so many special carpets, keeping the beauty alive, one piece at a time.

it's almost friday friends. last night my son and i went to hear 2 guest lecturers speak in one of my classes, had dinner in harvard square. just a special night for me. hoping your day today, this almost friday is just as special! enjoy...

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