Friday, March 18, 2011

i'ts friday. it's about culture & it's about japan.

after leaving one of my favorite blogs, emma's design blog, i felt i wanted to share a sexy, friday image, to send you all off on a magical weekend...

but i also felt i wanted to share these prints, for japan relief and also because they're so simply beautiful. emma's blog has even more links to more prints to choose from so check it out!
click here, to buy this print and donate for japan. just do it...
with this weekend in mind, what are your plans? it's warm~ish here today, close to 60 degrees they say! yeah for us...so we are packing up the car with the camera, coffees and heading to boston to check out the new museum of fine arts. we're going to get some culture as my mom would say growing up. i have yet to see the new addition and cannot wait! i'm in boston all the time for classes but not alot of free time to roam around. so today's the day! i'll take a few pictures and share them next week. wherever you go, whoever you're with, enjoy!! ;)



I'm so happy to see all of these wonderful creative projects to support Japan. Have a wonderful weekend, Robin!

Casa Très Chic said...

Great work to support Japan.
Have a nice Sunday.
Hugs from Brasil