Sunday, March 20, 2011

bits of my weekend...

friday, with me on break from classes this week, my love took a day off and we headed to boston. first up, the new wing at the boston museum of fine arts. it recently opened, we hadn't seen it yet, so it was time to go!
this my friends was a 3 story high, hand~blown glass sculptural christmas~esque/palm tree~esque tree by dale chihuly, complete with tree stand at the base. being constructed using lifts and held with super strong cables, it defied the odds of gravity in a way. completely breathtaking and you could enjoy it while dining next to it in the open air cafe. the way the natural light (which was delightful & everywhere in this new wing) illuminated that shade of green, wow!
my love, contemplating an absolutely giant painting of george washington crossing the delaware. the frame alone was astonishing.

at one of the entrances, there were these huge, baby head sculptures. one with it's eyes open and one with it's eyes closed. they were just so intriguing and strange, we had to photograph each other near them, which especially conveys the size!

the new wing displays all mediums of art from the "americas". there was a great deal of 17th & 18th century american furniture, accessories such as silver sets, and this 1700's mirror which, when i turned, my love snapped a photo of me in the mirror. cool. i wonder how many people have looked into this mirror, who were the owners and what were they wearing in the days it was used. so interesting to consider.

my love taking a rest from walking.

i was drawn to this while eating nearby, a sculpture of a giant boulder, all in glistening silver (i forget the actual medium used now!). sooo pretty.
we paused for a bite and a sip in the new wing's open air cafe. our pick...flatbread with pear/great hill blue cheese and crushed candied pecans. also a dish served almost like a cake, layered with potato, butternut squash, a bit of cheese, so delish. we of course washed it all down with a gorgeous cabernet. yum.
ahhh boston. you're the best city ever.

after leaving the museum, we headed to our hotel (which we grabbed for one night as a treat. driving home takes about 2 hours. yeah, that's why) to rest, shower up and grab a cab to my favorite restaurant in boston, davio's. if you are ever in boston, go there. no run there. it's soooooo good! well there you have it, snippets from my fun~filled, culture~filled weekend. hoping your is going smashingly too! enjoy...

p.s. keep supporting japan friends! check the post below for a terrific way to do it...

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