Monday, February 14, 2011

have a sweet day my sweets!

yeah for days like this! happy days, sweet, thoughtful, tasty, pretty, how come we don't have days like this every day? we need to change that right? ;) happy valentine's day friends! i thought today i'd try to feature some images from some of my favorite blogs with love & candy names. see what i've found...

the sweetest of presentations. how completely tempting! via candy castle.
bits of romance, greens paired with pretty pots, hints of reds, pinks, soft & hot. via bolig magasinet.

pretty plated valentine's desserts. hope you are enjoying something like this today! via love & pine.
surely a day to cover your favorite space in flowers no? via dewllings.
just because, via design love fest.
oh to walk barefoot on this pretty in pink rug, or to be embraced by this hot but soft red chair. oh, i'd be so happy! via bolaget.
how super sweet is this pink leather bow cuff? simply adorable. via twenty thirty forty.
have you already been treated this morning? have you eaten something sweet for breakfast? oh you should! ;) i've put together pretty little bagged treats for my loves and feel like treating myself to my favorite sticky bun from my favorite bakery in boston today, flour. the best place in the city to grab something delish on the go or to sit and savor! so you know what? i'm going to! how about that! enjoy your day, enjoy your loves!

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Melanie's Randomness said...

Such beautiful things!! I love the heart sandwhich!! Happy Valentine's day lady! I hope you have a great day!! =)

Melanie's Randomness