Friday, February 11, 2011

friday & coffee with a friend.

it's friday friends! (like you didn't know right?) so, today i'm excited to meet a friend for coffee and a treat, i haven't seen her for a while so will be a fun visit. she is someone who inspires me, listens to me and moves me to keep it all going, so doesn't everyone need a friend like that? oh yeah.

after coffee and conversation i'd like to plunk on this pouff, stare up at these wonderful mini ocean paintings and read until my eyes close for a nap. ;) what are your plans for this upcoming weekend? mine is the usual crammed with classwork but in between i plan on having a fabulous meal or two, a fabulous glass of wine (or two;) and spending time with my loves. enjoy!!


Heart Charlie said...

That pouff is so amazing! It's always fun to catch up with a friend, hope you had fun!

lutfi said...

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