Thursday, January 20, 2011

the weight of wood.

from painted to au natural, wood offers a certain weight to spaces, from floors to walls to wonderful pieces of well design furniture, to sculpture to frames around magnificent art. wood and the weight of wood, changes spaces, it alters their message, it accessorizes, it manipulates. wood tethers a space down, it sets it free, it adds color, it adds the outdoors, indoors. it adds fabulous.

via vanilla crash.

painted paneled wood walls, via dancing doc design.
weighted painted wood, via design sponge.


via the ever amazing, city sage.

via skona hem.

via emma's design blog.

via, one of my fav's, owi.

what wooden part of your spaces do you love most? would you like more wooden elements added or less? if so why? for me, i'm in love with my wooden vintage bureaus which i've restored and hand painted, they are a sort of canvas for me. i'm wishing for herring bone floors and lusting after antique frames suited perfectly for my photographs and paintings.

happy almost friday friends! enjoy........

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