Friday, January 21, 2011

green for friday.

sending some lovely greens your way this "yeah for friday" day! via a fab new tumblr find, the brick house.

how amazing is that larger than life terrarium? holy cow!

what are your weekend plans? me? i'm off and running in the a.m. to boston to meet with my college advisor, getting ready to dive into my master's degree and i need guidance i tell ya! ;) i'm hoping to make it up before the snow which is expected, so here's to crossing my fingers, for light snow for traveling, and if it must snow heavier, please let it snow enough for sledding! yeah, that's the outlook. wherever you are, whatever your plans are, enjoy!!

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Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Wow, goes to show how even 1 plant in a room can breathe life into it! I have a plant on my bedside table. It's the only plan in my whole house (I have a bit of a black thumb), but it's actually lasted a few months to my surprise. I did an experiment and took it out of the room, had a look, and boy that small little plant sure makes a big difference! Maybe I need to try to add more.

Happy Weekend!