Monday, January 10, 2011

the perfect rug & a before project shot.

not only do i want to welcome a new sponsor to avant garde design, but a fab company with a brandy new concept and idea, the perfect rug! get this...you get to create your own rug on line, and since you do, it will be the perfect rug right? right!

the perfect rug company offers up hundreds of texture choices, pattern choices and color palette choices. plus...choices of materials such as wools, grasses and sisal's to high traffic choices as well as outdoor choices. so with the perfect rug, how can you go wrong?

i welcome the perfect rug as a sponsor and as a company offering do~it~yourself choices when it comes to designing or transforming your residential or commercial spaces. i love that!

now...for my promised before pictures of the vintage bureau i'm transforming while on break from classes. not sure if i'll finish by the end of january, but i've at least begun (instead of just talking about it! which is a start). what i did was literally pull it apart, removing worn parts, primarily in the wood where parts were warped due to moisture in the air etc. i removed the entire back and plan to replace it with a metal, perhaps sheet metal or copper or vintage tin ceiling tiles? something like that?

(click on image and you should see it larger)
the bureau has beautiful details which i uncovered after scraping off thick, thick layers of paint which someone had covered the bureau in, literally you could not see the carvings, the lines under all of that paint. so...stay tuned for updates and more thoughts on just where i'm going with it! enjoy your monday!!

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Dionne said...

Oooh I love the texture on those, and LOVE LOVE LOVE your bureau!