Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new etsy love. just a genius idea!

i happened upon this fab etsy site, dirtybils, with a up~cycled bunch of ideas, whilst contributing to our design world and offering up creative, simply genius ideas.

don't you just love this idea?! these pipe bookshelves, add interest and texture, a really fun conversation piece my friends. really fun. i love the industrial look/meets elegant when propped up under a chandelier as in the first image. i just love it. so i just shared it!

oooh...we are expecting beaucoup snow in our area tonight into tomorrow! you know what that means? i'll be sledding. flying down hills near my house and laughing until my stomach hurts. one of my favorite things is sledding. ;) be sure to look at my post below to see my before pics of my vintage bureau transformation. i'll be at it again today! enjoy!!


Melanie's Randomness said...

What's pretty cool is that my boyfriend is sitting next to me playing Mario Bros where you have to go through pipes as I read this post so I'm Loving the pipe bookcases!! =)

Yeah I'm getting the snow too! I hope it's not that bad!

Hey lady I'm running a Suprise Cupcake Giveaway today! I wouldn't want you to be left out! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Jules said...

love this idea! totally outside the box. and the funny part is, i just finished my blog post for tomorrow, which is about arranging books in creative ways. :) xoxo

TamStyles said...

what a great idea..so glad you shared this...