Monday, November 29, 2010

mondays and wish lists.

an oh~so~happy~monday to you! back to reality. attempting to lose the thanksgiving pounds we all put on. (i took an extra walk this weekend! i had to ;) meanwhile, with christmas coming full speed ahead, i'm dreaming of things. of really amazing things! i'll be sharing all month long some of my most dreamy of design wishes for christmas. so keep checking back. but for now, here's an exciting start!

towards the holidays we are always looking for ways of displaying flowers, branches, anything pretty like that. how about doing it differently with these movisi vases? ah, yeah.

wishing for anything that sancal makes. from pillows to furniture. lots of pattern here, textures, shapes, just so amazing!

i think i would be dreaming if this was my kitchen or dining table. wouldn't you? simply amazing design by riva.

for thanksgiving we fired up our home~made fire pit outside. our guests brought their glasses of wine outdoors to gather, get some fresh air and soak up the fire on that beautiful afternoon. i'd really love to wow guests with this pretty cool fire basket from roshults. the basket style is what is so unique.

i think that this take on the planter is just so fun. could we bring this indoors to experience a bit of nature through the winter months? oh, i would! and imagine the possibilities, what could add to this planter? how pretty plunked right in a beautiful entry~way! offered up by amos design.

wishing for any and all of the dreamy lighting offered up from brand van egmond. love!
this dreamy armchair from poliform? completely cloud~like! in my imagination i'm plunked in this chair as i type!

the house feels quiet. my two loves are back to work and back to school. as for me, i'm breaking out the french books, and beginning a final paper for another class. i'll use the quiet time to study, listen to my cat snore (he really does!) and enjoy the sunshine streaming in the window behind me. enjoy!!