Tuesday, November 30, 2010

let's have coffee together this morning...on any of these amazing coffee tables!

when it comes to sitting down with friends, family or loved ones, there are so many options for entertaining, even for just enjoying a simple cup of coffee. beginning here with this collection of coffee tables from rafemar, (whose logo is "as life should be" which i love!), this modern oak wood coffee table with metal tray offers up a contemporary, dramatic flare for enjoying a perfect cup of coffee!

"inspired by piles of logs resting on saw horses awaiting processing in a workshop". how fun texturally is this log pile coffee table from aprro? so fun that's what!

i had to share aprro's side table too! i just love this, almost more! if your space is in need of texture, well, there you have it.

i'm not typically a huge fan of glass tables or glass topped tables but many of these i've found are feature worthy. this organic shape, soft, the translucent colors tone down the fact that this amazing coffee table is composed of glass entirely. via established & sons.

well well, talk about doing "the coffee table" just a little bit differently. just a smidge right? exquisite. via fiam.

this coffee table design, named "cage" & designed by gordon guillaumier for tacchini is just striking. just lovely.

how about coffee served on this mouthblown tinted glass, varnished bronze oh~so~gorgeous coffee table? wowzers! via abr. (they have so many pretty things, you must check out their site!)

very petite, very glam, very pretty way of having coffee, via bonaldo.

where are you sipping your coffee or tea this tuesday? i'm at my kitchen table but you know what? i may move over to my very own coffee table which is very interesting all on it's own. we picked it up from a wonderful place on cape cod, here, which restores beautiful wood, transforms wood really. the base is the bottom of a vintage wood stove and the top is made of a pumpkin pine. really amazing. here's a picture below.

so there you have it! grab a cup of coffee. if you're in need a conversation piece coffee table, grab one from any of these amazing designers i've featured and enjoy!!

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Sing said...

The stack wood one is my favorite.