Tuesday, September 28, 2010

rock the kasbah. i'm autumn inspired.

i'm leaning towards and longing for a combination of rocking the kasbah interiors to soft neutral quiet autumn color palettes as this wonderful fall season approaches. can we have the best of both worlds? can we make it work? i say yes we can!(via)
i'm loving the twist on bench seating this particular piece offers, by dune, n.y. and the color scheme is right with us! here.

get a little daring with your wallcoverings. i saw this in a design magazine this past weekend and thought it ethereal and mysterious but soft and elegant in a way. these unbelievable wallcoverings can transform a space in an instant. (via.)

accents of pewters, silvers, tarnished tones make for a rich, welcoming space. texture~wise and tone~wise. this gorgeous image (via.)

lots of shiny gold and silver color palettes and tiny touches. (or big ones!) (via.)

fullness in patterns, textures, color palettes. not overdone. just full~up warmth!(via)

ok, who doesn't love the bedding offered up by robshaw? luxurious, yet light and warm all at the same time. inviting, exotic and dreamy. (via)

i want my house to be dripping in deep burgundy, flowers that is ;)

punches, zip, pizazz, mystery, happy color, energy. fall color palettes offer all of that.

keeping it interesting this fall doesn't mean blah. it can mean earthy, calming, quiet, natural, cozy but with all of that, mixed in a little twist via art you've purchased or a cool antique store find, like these birds! (via)

in my mind, pairing moroccon inspired texture, pattern color schemes alongside nature, natural washed tones and rich woody tones can make for a very interesting space as we gear up for autumn. creating a space with a moroccon flair doesn't have to hurt your eyes, it doesn't have to be over the top, in your face. but bits and pieces of that influence, the richness of the history can spill over into any space. inviting. winking at us, in a super fun exotic nature that intrigues many of us. enjoy!


Leah said...

Oh what a great fall post! So many great ideas here!


Melanie's Randomness said...

I love all the lil accent pieces here! That ladies' hat in the first picture is so red & beautiful!!