Monday, September 27, 2010

lovin' bloglovin'.

so this weekend i was bopping around on bloglovin'. have you listed your blog on bloglovin'? do you peruse it's pages of sources and inspiration? to be honest, i haven't had a whole heck of alot of time. but i will make some extra time here and there because there are so many new and fabulous blogs to discover. like a few i'm sharing this morning...

good monday morning to you, is what this space whispers doesn't it? aaaahhhh. easing into monday, via an understated, sexy with it's black background blog, design traveller. another new love.

ah,ok, i would never get out of this bed, and with such a view! a really fun blog find for me, a punch of color. great inspiration here.

pretty lovely things is responsible for teasing us all with this super soft dining area (also via design sponge.) check out samantha's blog...you'll also love her header!

these very cool lights, via a very cool new find, the blog snoop. here!

i love the fall color palette of these amazing ranunculas. this wonderful image via paloma contreras's colorful blog, la dolce vita.

via shelter, a great new find from a near~to~where~i~live blogger!

these new~to~me~finds are just a tiny snippet of the inspiration out there on bloglovin'. if i, and you, can find a few extra minutes here and there, it appears bloglovin' will be a great source of networking, communicating, promoting, inspiration sourcing and friend making, all positive goals for this monday morning. i hope your day is starting out somewhat relaxed, creative and inspired! enjoy...

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Dionne said...

Thanks for the list! I am going to check these out!