Wednesday, September 1, 2010

holding on to summer.

so, schools are open, blooms are fading, the weather will begin to change and for all of us in the middle to the end of this summer season, and if you are like me living in an area which welcomes fall and winter, you sometimes want to just hold on to summer and designing for summer, just a little bit longer. i sure do!

via we heart it.

via dornob.

try to keep some color about. it can lift a space, brighten, cheer it up, much like the sunny summer weather. this wonderful, happy space, via design evolution.

keeping bits & baskets & bowls of fresh, brightly colored fruit helps your residential or commercial space holding on to the summer season. this space via elle decor.
this "clementine chair", via hudson, slips you from enjoying this end of summer season, straight into a fresh fall season to come.

fabulous end of the summer canvas totes, via fishs eddy.

this lighting by kwangho lee, sculpted from large blocks of styrofoam, simply beachy, reminding me of a large abstract seashell. love. (images by fabian battistella)

found at design shimmer.

it's funny because i do love the other seasons that come upon my part of the world, but every now and then, after christmas has passed and the days are constantly grey, i will be looking back to this summer, remembering the light coming in the windows, the feel of the crisp cool ocean when i finally get brave enough to dive in, and picking wild flowers wherever i walk. enjoy your end of summer, design~wise and other~wise! ;) enjoy...


Melanie's Randomness said...

I want to hold on to summer so badly. I'm going to be moving into my new place soon so I'll remember to get baskets & get some bright pieces to liven up things. I love that lighting fixtures!! Happy September!

Callie Grayson said...

I so don't want summer to end! but I do love autumn and winter but this year, I really wish summer was a bit longer!
love that view in the last image!!

Terri said...

Beautiful images! I'm not at all ready for fall... it seems like September came too fast!

Tamstyles said...

ready to let summber go in dallas. just to damn hot.