Thursday, September 2, 2010

barovier & toso. suspenseful suspension.

is it strange to drive almost 2 hours home from classes in boston, arriving at 10:30 pm. eating cheese and crackers and steamed corn alongside a glass of red wine, only to peruse suspension lighting, landing on an artisinal company named barovier & toso? of course not silly!

"this story is set on an island. murano which, like many other islands is a place of mystery and marvel." ah, yeah, that's how their website begins. so, wouldn't you be eating cheeses & crackers, sipping red wine, late at night, drooling on the side whilst perusing their lighting too? of course silly!

i just wanted to share this find. go find out more about barovier & toso. try ogling them late at night like me. there is something magical about these suspension lights. magical i tell you. ;) enjoy and goodnight!!


Christina said...

magical indeed, my new friend. ; )

Leah said...

So dramatic! I LOVE them all!