Thursday, August 26, 2010

treat your walls.

kaynemalie seamless polycarbonate mesh. "inspired by new zealand's snow capped mountains and rivers", these mesh wall treatments could blend to a ceiling, especially in a fabulous commercial space. drape them, hang them, cluster them. really expceptional!

wall graphics and non~traditional wallpapers by berlintapete will give your walls, residential or commercial that extra pizazz, spice, conversation~ality that is needed. imagine the fire graphic blown up extra large behind a seating area in a lounge or above beds in a hot new hotel? a sizzling idea! ;)

i love these very thin, nola star wood panels. it's like creating a floating wall before your very eyes, offering up privacy without the solid~nature that a true wall would add to a space.

transform your bathroom, or any room, residential or commercial with mosaic tile from hisbalit. imagine a restaurant or bar? imagine the images you could use to transform those spaces? wow!
amazing wall panels by anne kyyro quinn. anne's approach to wall treatments is more of a 3~d approach than a traditional smooth surface. anne incorporates organic shapes with a scandinavian twist. really exceptional wall treatments, one of my true favorites!

creation baumann offers up these vivid, sun~shiney blinds. at first i was sort of like, "whoa, ah, not sure about these." but the more i looked, they really are fun! my mind went right to a kids room or playroom? perhaps perfect for a commercial space or store window? they really could be suited for all sorts of ideas, temporary or more permanent. just plain fun!

i couldn't help but notice some of these amazing new materials and textures in wall treatments, which by the way, can transform over to ceiling, windows, or who knows what? what i love about materials like any of these by these talented, inventive designers is that the possibilities are endless. like being handed a lump of clay or play~doh...you can create anything and everything, as far as mood, texture, color palette, completely transforming or setting the mood for any residential or commercial space. which did you like or love? what would you do with any of these? it's fun to imagine though right? enjoy!!!


Sing said...

I am loving the different pastel colored blinds, so cool.


Anardana said...

Cool stuff!