Friday, August 27, 2010

hello, it's friday!

yeah for this weekend! my very good friend from harvard is coming down to plunk on the beach, eat sandwiches and drink beer with me before the new semester starts. i'm soooooo excited to take her to my favorite beach, to boogie board, to laugh the day away and enjoy conversation, relaxing and unwinding towards this beautiful end of the summer.

my friend is sleeping over too, and while we have an extra bed for her, i stumbled upon this really fun, really fabulous design in sleeper sofas (which normally scream "hi, i'm a sleeper sofa and i'm not that attractive"). but this one designed by pietro arosio and via design within reach is a stand out sleeper sofa. it also has a removable sip cover! perfect for college students, those with less than sizable apartments (you know who you are!) or for an extra piece in a large children's room for friends' sleep~overs. genius.

enjoy your weekend friends. drink wine. eat only delicious food. rest. whoop it up. whatever you are desiring or needing from this end of the summer, grab it! enjoy....;)