Friday, July 9, 2010

friday, thankfully. random loves.

happy friday, happy summer colors, happy rainbow colors, as in this amazing setting by photographer rachel whiting. i'm super blurry~eyed this morning and couldn't put one theme together this morning, so instead my mind wandered to random things, places, ideas i've been drawn too. here are some of my thoughts and current attractions...

i'm most definitely not a carpet person. by that i mean, i prefer wood floors with rugs about. but these rug tiles from interface floor, via trendir, have me considering the possibilities. perhaps putting together a rug with just enough of these tiles? hmmmm...

i am drawn to many items at anthropologie (who isn't?) but these summer~toned tumblers really stopped me. i decided i need these!

surface view is a fabulous wall treatment company featuring mind blowing wall stickers, papers and murals. (via neat home.)

not sure why i posted this picture, except that i just loved it as a display feature. a propped open ladder, displaying baskets full of different grasses or your favorite plants. really like this alot! (via rum magazine.)

i just thought that in light of the volcano in iceland this year, that this pillow is just plain cool.

this cactus type plant caged in glass is amazing. this space has tons of texture, soft and prickly all at once. super fun!

ok, now i seriously want a chocolate croissant this morning. no, i really do!

(these 3 images via domosfera)
now that the big july 4th weekend has passed, does this coming weekend promise lazy days and putting your feet up? or are you off and running again? share your plans, i'd love to live vicariously through you this weekend! i have gobs of work to do, but in between that, and my 17 year old son's summer social life, i plan on sipping some wine, reading a bit of my current book, and staring blindly up into the trees or out towards the ocean. wherever you go, whatever you do...enjoy!


nadia said...

always so inspiring here. thank you so much for your comment about the children and through the years it is nice to have someone to share my thoughts with!

Sing said...

I'm putting the ladder/basket display pic in my inspiration photo, so cool.

Kelly said...

Love the photo w/ the orange couch!! And nom, chocolate croissant!

<3 Kelly