Monday, July 12, 2010

design your wall.

i was driving around this weekend and happened by a beautiful home right smack dab on the ocean in my area. in the driveway was a papering/wall covering truck, in there, a talented hanger of wall coverings, papering away i imagine. so then of course my mind was wandering and racing, wondering, wishing that i could peek inside to see what his or her client had settled on. was it modern? traditional? super daring? or somewhere in between?

design your wall is a company that offers all of that! i adore perusing their pages, from traditional (although not your grandma's wall coverings) to completely off the charts unique...like these!

design your wall's vast metallic line is also sensational. you'd have to be daring to design differently (and i say, sometimes, you go for it!) to add these bad boys. but in just the right space, even a tiny wall space as an accent area to your residential or commercial space, you add edgy, you add flirty, you add...daring!

this exquisite wall paper is made of glass beads. imagine on one wall in a fabulous dining room? oh...i can!

this super fun wall covering appropriately named, bulldozers and palm trees, for a boys wall, even only one wall, would make for a super fun conversation piece. add a bit of shelving, holding his favorite toy trucks & matchbox cars? yes!

how pretty, pretty would this wallpaper be in a younger girls room...perhaps only on one wall, or on a wall behind a headboard! maybe adding a vintage large mirror, or a few smaller mirrors, hung at different heights? love!

has anyone recently taken the wallpaper plunge? i could do it in a second, if i could only settle on which one with all of the choices today! if you have, taken the plunge that is, fill me in. what did you go for? i would love to hear. in the meanwhile, if you have not, taken the plunge that is, check out design your wall's offerings. it will help, or drive you even more mad with choices ;) enjoy!!

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Elements said...

I have just wallpapered the entrance of my new home and I looove it...should have done it years ago but this is how long it has taken me to convince hubby he will like it.