Thursday, June 24, 2010

sweet summer finds.

this "almost friday", :) i wanted to share some unique ways of making a summer splash in your spaces, residential or commercial. from time to time this summer season i want to explore fab finds and share and share alike! so here it goes...

these water color, 100% wild silk hand knotted rugs, from fort street studio. what a summer accent for your summer home space, or your year round space. here.

i would serve all of my summer guests cool drinks in these flowery tumblers from bongenre, here.

wanting? no way, have to have these completely lovely summer cloe cotton sheers in ciablis, from kravet, here.

how about this super refreshing style for a stool? or perhaps use it for a summer side table? oh yes! so perfect in any summer setting, indoors or out. here, at tucker robbins.

loving the delicious summer sorbet colors in olat's crisp bedding. here.

super summery chic pillows and bedding from the fabulous madeline weinrib, original handmade textiles. love, love, love! here.

personalize your summer plates, with la plates in a variety of summer stylish patterns. here.

ok, so i'll take all of these! right? yes! enjoy these summer finds, enjoy this summer day...what are you up to? for me, i have the day off from work but head to class tonight. but today, i'm off to treat myself to something. not sure yet, but something out there is waiting for me and i'm going to find it :) enjoy!