Wednesday, June 23, 2010

perfectly oly.

perfectly summery, perfectly beachy, perfection in summer lighting. whether you are renovating a summer camp or cottage, or a full blown glamorous beach front modern home, oly truly has lighting that can accentuate that beachy surrounding. perfectly.

some of oly's hanging lights i can see singularly, hanging low, beside a summer bed or nightstand, highlighting beautiful cotton bedding, pillows, painted walls, painted floorboards, breathing a breath of fresh air into already breezy summer spaces. i love the simplicity, the complexity and the originality of oly's very summer lights. refreshing, almost quiet lighting. after all, your summer spaces should be all about relaxing and taking it all in. with this lighting accompaniment, you can definitely do that! enjoy...


Terri said...

Beautiful lighting! I especially love the lamp... it's incredible!

The Zhush said...

Feel the same way about Oly, can and have spent hours just admiring these lovely products.