Thursday, June 3, 2010

gadgets & lighting from black and blum.

i posted about black and blum's products once before, when i was purchasing pendant lights for my chocolate shop that i opened a few years back now and have since taken a hiatus with while in school. you'll see the pendant lights i purchased below, as well as other great black and blum finds...

it might seem strange to tout the design of a dish rack, but i just thought this one was cool. it folds instantly and is made from polypropylene and stainless steel. i also love the fresh color. it at the very least, makes dish washing a little more fun. just a little. :)

this super eye catching wine rack would be perfect for small spaces, like a loft apartment or small cottage like mine. also can you imagine in a larger commercial space, adding tons of these to a large, tall wall, for a dramatic wine collection wall. would lend a dramatic affect to an elegant bar space for sure.

these pendant lights i bought for my chocolate shop, they arrived in fabulous condition, in a timely manner and are soft and glowing when lit, even prettier in person. (and not that expensive either!) i hung them in a cluster at different lengths, almost like creating my very own unique chandelier, and received daily comments on them. they are really fun!

these pendant burst lamps would make a statement in any space, whether singularly or clumped together either at all the same height or different heights.

how about if your lights could climb walls? these from black and blum can. what a great conversation piece no matter the room you place them in.

these pendants are amazing, almost as if they were cut with scissors from paper (like the snowflakes we all cut as kids) and hung, so fun to admire!

bendy, windy, lamps, love.

how fabulous is this unique magazine rack, really fabulous.

have you ever heard of black and blum? they are based out of the uk and even though they may not be right around the corner, when i ordered from them, i did have a great experience and with a great time turnaround. i really am drawn to their unique lighting and fabulous recycled materials.

sorry to all of my favorite bloggers for not being around to leave comments much this week, it's been a fun but busy week. i hope to visit many of you today and tomorrow!!! have a great almost friday everyone :) enjoy!


design traveller said...

I like the lamps you picked, nice choice!

Chris said...

I am a huge fan of gadgets. I don't know why...I'm so fascinated by the function and form of such ordinary things like can openers or light bulbs.

Great post...hope you're having a great week!