Wednesday, June 2, 2010

creating a lounge area.

when designing a commercial lounge area, today, there are more options than ever. commercial spaces have evolved, transformed, and really become a mecca for design possibilities. with new and unique companies, pushing the limits, designing daring pieces, enticing you into their commercial spaces artistically, it makes for fun imagining. commercial spaces are my favorite to design as they reach so many eyes, personalities, tastes and reactions.

architonic is a site i refer to often for the latest in design trends, materials, design prodigies coming out of design fairs, colleges and the design world in general. they never disappoint. architonic offers cutting edge products for every taste, style and space.

whether the commercial space you are creating is intended to wow, comfort, shock, draw, or just plain be, selecting the furniture can not only be fun, it's so important because it's what is there grounding the space, holding it down, inviting you in, to sit, to ponder, to get excited, to purchase product and to come back again. so i would say it's key. where have you been lately, commercial space wise where you were drawn in by the interior, or the interior pieces? i'd love to hear your experience. enjoy!

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