Monday, June 14, 2010

eric zener. when you have to have art.

glorious monday to you all! it's grey today in my part of the world, but promises of sun are encouraging. i wanted to take today's post to feature an amazing artist, eric zener. i haven't featured an artist in a while and when i saw eric's work, well as you'll see for yourself, my eyes popped, my jaw dropped and i fell in love with summer all over again. and yes...these are paintings.

(all photos courtesy of eric zener)

well, how completely inspiring is eric's artistry? holy cow! imagine one painting, very large, placed on the perfect residential or commercial wall. nothing else. just that one painting. boosting that space, lighting it up. you can feel the cool of the water, the warmth of the sun. that sensation when you are hot and you first experience the impact of the cold water on your skin. i love that!

i also love that eric zener's work is somewhere between utter realism and slightly painterly. it's not so perfectly painted, so completely crisp that it's boring, as i find with some realism artists. eric's work has a warmth, you can feel the paint, smell the paint almost and of course appreciate the amount of work that is involved with looking. really looking. to achieve what eric has, you are really looking.

when considering a painting to fill that perfect space, i hope eric zener will be on your mind. i could stare at eric's work all day long. when considering art, you have to ask yourself, "i like it alot, but could i hang it in my home?" my answer to that age old art question would be "yes with an exclamation point!" enjoy!
p.s. thanks to aubrey road's blog for turning me on to eric zener. here.


Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Wow I love this type of artwork. I love their bold colors and close up nature, and they captures a moment in time. I wish I had a few extra thousand dollars laying around...

L'Atelier said...

What amazing art work! especially love the last two. really really gorgeous!

Rikke@scandinavianchic.com said...

Wow, how great pictures!
Looks so real!
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Beach Vintage said...

Its so cold here to, thanks for making me feel a little warmer today with these lovely pictures.

APieceOfCrap said...

oh I really like these paintings! lovely! and I just love the summer!

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best regards from Sweden

Leah said...

Wow I can't believe these are paintings! Incredible!