Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the divine chair.

so many talented bloggers have been transforming pretty pieces of furniture into beautiful, exceptional pieces of furniture. i stumbled upon the divine chair company and wanted to share their versions of pretty chair transformations this sunny tuesday.

the divine chair company offers their services of transforming pieces, your pieces, if you either don't have the time or patience. i was drawn to their cheery bright colors today, the fabulous fabrics, bold, dramatic and fun!

enjoy your tuesday today, i'm working but in between working minutes, my goal is to grab a fruit protein shake, sit in the sun for lunch, sneak a few minutes to read a few more sentences in the book i'm finishing. i think i'm putting off finishing it because i don't want it to end! do you ever do that? enjoy!


Kelly said...

These are beautiful!!

<3 Kelly


Nevin said...

I love alllll.. so beautiful!!

Rikke@scandinavianchic.com said...

Oh sooo cool!!!
I have a chair i am going to pimp soon:)