Thursday, May 6, 2010


bopping around on line, i found this fab little company called naughtone (cool name), and at first some of their product reminded me of being in school but then i warmed to the designs, very mod no doubt, but minimalistic, sleek and fun all at the same time. clean lines, perfect for clients who adore uncluttered environments. add color to the product, and they warm up instantly. even the tables and wiry chairs...

naughtone, based out of london, doesn't scream green, but they are. utilizing natural local materials wherever and whenever possible. so that's bonus! have a peek at naughtone...there is lots more to see on their website here. i found as i perused their pages on line, that their product lends itself to both contemporary residential as well as corporate, or lobby, or reception commercial areas. or...get even more daring and throw off a much less modern space with just one piece. un-balancing spaces is sometimes the best thing you can do for it! enjoy...

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Callie Grayson said...

the last image with the green table bases and glass top are very cool! I could use them for dining alfresco!