Friday, May 7, 2010

friday finds & blog shout outs.

let's jump for fridays!!! via a great new blog find, shelter. check it out!

where are you going? what are you doing?

snazzy spaces from gitte lacarriere's blog.

this space exudes old and new, and i love it! via interior diving's blog.

strike a pose this friday, this pose to be exact! i'm all over this. from one of my favorite blogs, soul pretty.

how fun is this space, subtle but with so much going on, complete eye candy, from crj design.

check out a view to's blog, a great find!

beautiful, from a beautiful living's blog.

how about some scandinavian chic this friday? love these spring cushions and bedding!

fly away this friday with rikkes stil's gorgeous blog.

delicious images from delicious blogs this delicious friday! i hope your weekend is sunny, relaxing, full of great food, great conversation and full of everything you want. enjoy!


Jules said...

beautiful post! i love the photo of the women reaching into the trunk :) have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!!!

xoxo - julie

Kellie Collis said...

Thank you for the links! Hope you have had a perfect weekend! x

Catherine said...

I love the stack of plates wall sticker.