Monday, April 5, 2010

super simple lighting.

you know...with all of the new fangled lighting that's available now, with everyone wanting to trump the next person with outstanding lighting, and while that is all well and good at times, sometimes you just want super simple lighting. like this line from luceplan.

this line by luceplan and designed by paolo rizzatto is just what the designer ordered, when searching for crisp, old fashioned, super simple lighting, but with a slightly cutting-edge, modern appeal. depending on the space you are fitting lighting for, and i do say fitting, because it has to fit right?, if the space is heavy, or busy, or super textural, or full of pattern, this lighting by luceplan will offer a breath of calm, neutrality and simplicity where needed.

how are you doing this monday morning? i had a great weekend and hoping you did too! i sat in the sun, took one morning run, and one afternoon run, ate an amazing dinner last night, with amazing red wine, watched the opening day red sox/yankees game, and we (the red sox) won, so as of this monday morning life is good! enjoy :)

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Simply Defined Design said...

Love the white room!! The lighting is great! Best, Connie