Tuesday, April 6, 2010

outdoor luxury.

so, yesterday, whilst studying for yet another mid-term exam, i forced myself (not really) outdoors, papers and notes in hand to take in some fresh air, vitamin d and bird sounds, not quite lounging on pieces of furniture like these below you understand, but in my mind i was soooooo there. :)

minimalistic in design, shape and size, the moma collection by vondom is simply perfect...and fun! from their variety of outdoor seating options to their lighted planters, fun can be had by all, from residential designers to commercial all the way!

tuuci's "giant parasols" "maximize the size and scale of each component to create the world's most durable and functionally supreme shade platform." now those are umbrellas fit for a queen.

not only do i visualize these colored resin chairs by plust sprinkled around a pool, either in a residential or commercial setting, but also tossed out and about on a pristine green lawn, the white would pop and with the stark, modern design against a natural background, oh so very interesting.

the "tulip" collection by varaschin gives wicker a good name. varaschin calls this line a "complex transformation process, where the suppleness of wicker and the wicker core, are reinterpreted with an with an up-to-date-design, and austere elegance." wow.

these next 3 images from royal botania, feature, luxury, as well as eco-friendly outdoor pieces and outdoor lighting (shown below) to die for! metal and materials from almost 100% recycled means. loving that aren't you? royal botania is based out of belgium but their product can be found in nearly 100 countries, and here in the states, you'll find them in new york.

i'm a big fan of the framura outdoor line by depadova. out of italy but you can find depadova products in los angeles, miami and new york. so no excuse to put off purchasing fabulous, italian-no-less, outdoor seating.

i am drawn greatly to tossa's clean, sometimes stubby, sometimes geometric lines. their outdoor line is just special.

what about you? do you have an outdoor space to get away from the things of man? mine is completely home-made, (you'd laugh). i built a tiny brick patio from found bricks, built a little fire pit from found cobble stones and my luxury outdoor furniture right now are a wire bistro set and some beach chairs if i want to get really comfortable. :) hey, it's a start! enjoy...the outdoors that is!


Jules said...

wonderful post - i love all of the unique and fabulous outdoor furniture resources. we have a small balcony off our living room...with faded wicker chairs, faded rugs and some random tables...nothing exciting but i do like to step out and sit in the sun every now and then. we do however, live on the grounds of an amazing apartment complex - similar to a resort - so i try and take advantage every chance i get!

PS - thanks for your comment about my paint re-do :) it was fun to share!

Jay Chua said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful designs for outdoor furniture. It's really inspiring.

And I like your other post about "simple lighting" as well. The lighting design is very simple and yet unique. This will give us some kind of idea in our next lighting shopping for our new house (coming up soon, I hope).

Jay Chua
Publisher, PorchSwingSets.com