Thursday, April 29, 2010

pretty lights in pretty spaces.

when i leave boston after classes, it's late at night. what's fun about that? peering into windows. no, i'm not a peeping tom or anything. what i mean is, that when you are driving down streets of beautiful condos, brownstones etc., it's night time, lights are on and it's oh so interesting to see just how people light their spaces. every now and then, (and it's surprising i've not ended up in a fender bender), there is a window, with an eye-popping, show stopping chandelier, table light or floor light. do you ever notice lighting at night, in commercial or residential spaces? how do you light your spaces?

via,(emmas' design blog)

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via, (marie claire maison)

when i get home the first thing i do is turn down the lighting, light a candle or two, but please, it has to be soft. we work all day in bright lighting, so it also strikes me odd that i see brightly lit environments so late at night as i leave the city, peering into windows. it would drive me mad! are you like me? do you like your spaces softly lit at night? what's your favorite lamp in your home? chandelier? floor lamp? as for me, it's the pretty little amber glass chandelier over my kitchen table. softly lit of course! :) enjoy!


The Zhush said...

That Suzani ottoman is gorgeous!

Rikke said...


malo said...

I love the second pic from bottom. And the last one too. Marie Claire Maison is my favourite.
I know what you mean about lights. My favourite at home is our bedside lamps. I love dimmers. But when I cook I need luminous.