Friday, April 30, 2010

it's friday! so here's to contemplative spaces.

so where is your head at right now? are you in desperate need of a quiet space this friday? are you doing absolutely nothing this weekend? and if so...good for you! as for me...i'm somewhere in between wanting to throw text books out the window and go running around having fun, to sleeping in and quietly finishing the tons of work i have in front of me. hmmmm...dilemmas, dilemmas. well, here are some images to convey where my head is, where i'd like to be this weekend. and as you can see, it's all over the place :)

(all from different, but all via...)

whatever your doing, wherever you land, have a ball. get things done. do nothing. sleep in. stay up late. go to bed early. have a glass of wine. doctor's orders ;)

my son has his second round of sat's tomorrow, so he's up early, ah, which means i'm up early. hmmm. but he's preparing for college so that makes this mom happy! enjoy!


Tamstyles said...

man...where do you find these pics..gorg.

malo said...

Great collection of photos. A son preparing for college, that's so great. I'll be there sooner than I realise I guess and hope. Happy weekend!

Leah said...

Beautiful photos! And I just found your blog! Lovely!

CCWai said...

These interiors are very beautiful. I love those with lots of sunlight in it.