Thursday, April 1, 2010

ice cream colors.

so last night, i was flying, well no...(i wish), i was driving let's say quickly to class (who running late? not me :) anyway, upon landing a cherished parking space in cambridge, no seriously, i coast into my spot. straight ahead in front of me is an average in appearance, middle aged man walking towards me. but, what stood out was the colossal, oh so tempting ice cream cone he was enjoying, forgetting everyone around him, lost in his ice cream. it literally stopped me noticing his joy in perhaps his first summer taste of the year. one of those really cool moments. so...i thought i'd devote today's post to all of those cool, tasty ice cream color spaces we see every now and then and then make us run to the nearest ice cream parlor :)

super soft and oh so ice-creamy in color, via designage.

dripping in ice cream color, via the fabulous blog design shimmer.

these soft and sometimes vibrant pops of ice cream color from domosfera.

these delicious images via bolig magasinet.

this weekend in new enlgand we are warming up, getting near 75 for crying out loud!! so perhaps ice cream is in order. it's one of those food groups that i don't keep in my freezer, i make myself have to go out and get it. then it seems not so bad for me. enjoy your thursday and enjoy the ice cream i'm making you want!

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