Thursday, March 18, 2010

wednesday/thursday...now we're adding color.

sorry for the non-wednesday post, it's "spring break" for me (and i put that in quotations because i'm working on a 15 page paper and reading, reading reading to catch up...so spring break what?), therefore, i'll group wednesday's post with thursday and we'll really bring color into the mix now. friday will be full blown color, promise!

(next 3 inspirations from mos by adesch)

(these soft reds and pinks from malo blogg)

(this bit of sunshine from design shimmer)
(these punches of pizazz from decoeuracao)

(these lovelies from bolig magasinet)

(this wide open space via beauty comma)
kind of fun clumping 2 posts into one! hope you're enjoying your week! it remains sunny here which has inspired me while working on my paper (of which the subject matter is a bit dry). the weekend is near, and so is boom, bam, bing color friday. so stay tuned! enjoy!

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