Friday, March 19, 2010

it's friday baby! and you know what that means...tons and tons of color, to kickstart the weekend!

color, to kick start your weekend, to give you a boost of pizazz, to ring in the beginning of spring, which means summer is not far away! yeah for all of those things!

(these next hot images courtesy of owi)

(via house to home)

(via house beautiful)

(pops of neon green via from the right bank)
(vibrant blues via design crisis)

sometimes you just need color don't you? i mean i would go a bit mad without some color, maybe not to some of these extremes but some! i do admire those who dare to be so bold though, to cover a space, to drench it in color, is daring and admit it...we all admire it. :)

what are you up to this fine friday and almost weekend? i'm getting ready for my dad's arrival and one week stay (he's driving up from tennessee with his dog eli and his girlfriend judy, doesn't that sound like it should be a t.v. show or something? :) anyway, we plan a week (around my classes of course, those don't stop!) of catching up, fun conversation, great food, and there will be the drinking of wine i can assure you! enjoy your weekend everyone!!


Dale said...

Love all the images! Love the wire frame light in the house to home blue room. Love the pink with black and white photos. Love the yellow bowling balls. And love the Corbusier day bed in vivid blue!

These color inspirations are a great way to start the weekend. ZING!

Twila's Vintage said...

Love the pretty modern pieces!


LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

OMG! Those images are AMAZING! Bananas!