Monday, March 8, 2010


glow by flora and designed by eva schildt are mesmerizing. "inspired by long winter months in europe, eva schildt, from stockholm, has designed "glow", an object of light and fire whose interplay of light and shadows conjures up bewitching structures in the landscape."

the montmartre table and chairs, i love for a couple of reasons. by designer jonas wagell for mitab, these chairs i adore for their simplicity...imagine the possibilites from topping that table with a pretty little vase, or a tea party, or candles and wine to adding dainty little pillows to the chairs. i also am drawn to their clean look and soft, curved shapes. very welcoming.
these outdoor, super fun chairs are one of my new favorites. to add "different" in your outdoor seating area. framura by designers sezgin aksu and silvia suardi for de padova. it's a sun cot, it's a nest, it's a chair, hassock or rocker. it's whatever your little heart desires :)

what would a post be from me without lighting right? well, here you have it, the perfect outdoor lamp, called plis, from designers david ramos and jordi bassols for vibia. bringing the warmth of indoor lighting outdoors. i love this!

i love this new take on the "lawn chair", called "slim inno", by designer harri korhonen and based out of finland. stackable, without armrests, suitable for outdoors, painted or natural, or add a cushion. completely versatile and decorative all at once.

rubik stools by designers marco pocci and claudio dondoli are fascinating for their transparency. made of polycarbonate, non-toxic material "with optimum physical properties, shock resistant and unbreakable." perfect for the outdoors!

dune sunbed. with quick dry cushions and ability to withstand salty air and the suns rays, dune is perfect for any residential or commercial space, anywhere!

mora lighting by designer javier mariscal. "inspired by traditional metallic punching lamps."

getting outdoors is something all of us are wishing for on the east coast, and today after a morning run, (in the sun i might add!) spring is finally feeling close by. i wanted to feature today, some "different" thoughts and products on designing for the outdoors. remembering that there is more out there than your typical lawn chairs and hanging lanterns. especially for those holding special events such as parties, weddings, reunions or for any type of commercial use...mix it up! piece it together differently. happy monday all and enjoy the outdoorsy kind of day!


L'Atelier said...


i love the lamps in last photo!

Dale said...

I agree, the Mora lamps look amazing! What is a traditional punching lamp though??

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