Saturday, March 6, 2010

fashion deviation to luphia.

currently, i'm dreaming of spring and spring fashions. i'm smitten with, drawn to and drooling over luphia's line of eclectic, soft, feminine, and easy clothes and accessories. so...we needed a fashion deviation don't you think? :)

easy peasy clothing, layered, flirty, super feminine and a touch romantic with a tiny bit of tom boy thrown in. right up my alley. happy late friday and middle of the weekend everyone! what are you up to? today i'm hanging out with my love of my life, my son. taking him for a much needed haircut (he's in the "i want it to grow longer phase...hmmm) and then out to dinner with my sister. tomorrow, studying for midterms and super relaxing. enjoy your weekend, enjoy luphia's offerings!


Callie Grayson said...

such a sweet collection! love that last dress with the thin red belt!!

Raru said...

So feminine!
Thank you for sharing.
Have a great day,