Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ode to wood.

always, while i'm either perusing the pages of a fabulous new design magazine or the internet, i'm drawn to spaces using wood. in all shapes, sizes, ways and forms. painted, raw, tiny touches or everywhere, in your face!

wood draws us outside, offering a rustic, natural setting. (next 6 images from house and home)
and wood can give us modern, contemporary, up-to-date-spaces.

wood can provide that landscape that a space has.

wood surrounds us with little touches of charm.

wood provides many a surface for many a shared meal.

wood tends to ground us, reminds us to stop and sit a while.

super interior images incorporating wood, in april's issue of house beautiful, here.

faux wood wallpapers. yeah that's right! (nobilis)
use wood to add those tiny touches of warmth, or nature, or to give a space that raw, yet inviting feel. (purple area's blog)

build a secret studio straight from wood logs, warm the inside with color, paint, light...oh how i want this one! (here)
paint it! any color really...(emmas design blog)

bring the wood inside! stack it! display it! it's beautiful!

(apartment therapy)

i have bunches of projects staring me in the face right now, such as a beautiful antique bureau squatting in my basement, half sanded and asking "what color am i going to be?" every time i go down stairs to put a load of laundry in. and there's my kitchen table, scratched up and desperately in need of a color transformation and face lift. oh, i have ideas for that table! but summer is coming, warmer weather inspires me to drag furniture outside, run to the hardware store for sandpaper and have fun picking paint chips.

how do you feel about wood? do you prefer it painted (i do!), or stained, natural or not much at all? it's raining today in new england, i'm sitting at my scratchy kitchen table and considering the possibilities! enjoy!


Juxtaposition Design said...

Sometime I have the most difficult time figuring out what species/stain of wood I like. I tend to lean towards the richer/darker types & a good distressed food floor is always attractive in a well designed space.
Painted wood = <3

My Owl Barn said...

I love this post! Beautiful and inspiring. That studio made of logs is amazing! I like raw wood with dark colored stain and some metal hardware.

XOJY said...

Fun post. Great theme and photo pics. Thanks!