Tuesday, March 2, 2010

filzfelt. promoting local.

my son makes fun of me because of my felt fascination. i'm not sure exactly what it is about this wonderfully textured material and the myriad of color options one can find, but i'm drawn to felt. seriously, i love it!
filzfelt offers felt gadgets such as these great coasters in every color (you could own stacks of them, and actually keep them out stacked as they are a colorful sculpture all their own!), to laptop cozies. just so fun :)

i could see throwing away all of my eclectic pillows and just lining up these plain jane, but definitely eye catching in their simplicity, felt pillows. they just are begging to be squeezed!

super simple placemats. your dinner guests will want to connect the dots! i love these.

big, yummy, giant, soft felt rugs. aaaaah. :)

filzfelt is a local company to me, located in boston, massachusetts.
"filzfelt was founded by two felt loving designers, kelly smith and traci roloff. filzfelt is a combination of the german word for felt (filz) and the english (felt). since we’re americans importing german felt, it seemed like the right fit! this female run business prides itself on simplicity in design, beautiful photography, good packaging and jaw-droppingly great customer service."
i love that this is a female run company, i love that it's local, and of course i love that it's felt! :) if you like felt too, enjoy filzfelt and enjoy your tuesday everyone!


Dale said...

I love felt! It's so warm and versitile. I've actually started to make hand made, hand sewn felt "man dolls" as a hobby. I don't sew very well, and I'm actually not a very "crafty" type person usually, but something about feeling a needle go through felt is therapeutic to me. It's weird. Anyway, great post.


I heart felt too...