Wednesday, January 20, 2010

today i'm running...

(image here)
have a splendid wednesday everyone, it seems i have a million things to get caught up on today! i'll see you right back here tomorrow with more design temptation and inspiration. enjoy your (splendid) day!

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georgia b. said...

oh, super neat cards! one of those things that i think "why didn't i think of that?" when i see it!

hey, did you get my e-mail? i hope so. i was not sure how to reach you, without leaving too personal of a comment on your blog, so i tried the google friend connect e-mail button to reach you. let me know if you got my message. if not, please reply to this comment via e-mail so that i can write to you about chris.

i know we had each others' e-mail at one time, but i could not find it. so let me know.

hope you are well.