Tuesday, January 19, 2010

currently liking...

some odds and ends that either stopped me while perusing design magazines or design internet sites. some quirky, some fun, some curious and some just because.

this origami table by anthony dickens. stunning.

this smock seating by patricia urquiola.

the cocoon chiminea by federico otero.

dreamy bedding from aura home.

the many unique screens and partition available from korban flaubert. for commercial or residential spaces, they offer just enough privacy without blocking out light or acting as a traditional wall.

this wire cow head. i'm loving all of the faux animal heads coming into design and imagine a collection on a wall, from every medium such as porcelain to cardboard. light them up, have fun with them. from safari fusion.

this fun, very boy art for children's rooms. love. from gelati art.

this fabulously glam chair, by edit.

happy day after the holiday everyone! hoping your day is off to a great start. i didn't get much sleep last night so i'm in a fog, much like the weather around me at this very moment, uck. but, my son has a half day of school because of midterms, so we are off to the bookstore for browsing and hot chocolates. enjoy your tuesday friends!


georgia b. said...

oh, goodness! i want that fabulously glam chair!

Down and Out Chic said...

i've never seen a wired animal head before (that came out weird but you know what i mean.) i love it!