Tuesday, December 22, 2009

walls and suface view.

well, i'm hoping that these wall murals, shades and canvases grab your attention this fine tuesday morning! i'm feasting on surface view's offerings and play-ability of materials. wow. even the marvel comics murals, i picture something that bold and young in a corporate board room where very grown up meetings take place, to soften a space, reminding everyone involved that this is a job let's not forget and that we can all have fun doing it :)

(yeah this photo above is a pull down shade, how fabulous is that?)

whether residential or commercial (or corporate:) surface view, and you can have a ball. on their website they feature a mix and match feature that allows you to sort of play with images in different rooms, very cool idea.
i don't know, thinking just a little bit differently isn't really shocking or crazy or wild, it's necessary. no really it is! enjoy :)

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heart charlie said...

Wow! These photos are blowing my mind! I seriously wish my office had just an inkling of this creativity ;) I still can't believe that 1st pic is actually a pull down shade!