Monday, December 21, 2009

have a sparkly monday.

needing some sparkle this monday, to get you going? well...i can offer up some glittery inspiration and motivation. :)

round sparkly, here.

big sparkly, here.

a very sparkly table, i forget where :)

starlight, starbright, here.

birds that sparkle, here.

hang your sparkles, here.

sparkly, sexy, here.

wear sparkly red and green, here.

the cutest tiny trees ever, here.

dangle sparkly bulbs for a christmas mobile. got the idea here.

swirls of sparkly ornaments, here.

shimmery soft pillow and blankets, here.

loving all things bright, soft and glowing this time of year, aren't you? how can you not? so fun!
sorry for my lack of comments on your wonderful blogs! i've been hit with end of the semester finals and papers and am almost finished (tonight actually!) i'll be over to your blogs this week for sure, to catch up, leave a much overdue comment and to wish you merry, merry! happy monday, enjoy!

1 comment:

Dale said...

I love all the Christmas bling and fantasy. Why can't we decorate like this all year round? (I guess it would make this time of year less special)...but still. I've gotten lots of inspiration from your blog this year, so thanks, and have a wonderful Christmas Robin!