Friday, November 20, 2009

it's friday, check your clock with faire houre.

one of the things i would do, if i was granted all the time in the world spontaneously, would be to surf etsy. seriously. one needs beaucoup time to see all that etsy offers.
thankfully, through decor8's blog i found the shabby chic site of faire houre, re-purposing china, into wonderful, pretty pretty clocks. have a looksy...

so...happy friday with faire houre's designs! do you have fun plans this weekend? my son's opening night for his high school play is tonight (babe's in toyland...and he's santa :) so we are looking forward to seeing him ho, ho, ho. and he has a solo song, he's just become daring enough to sing, and he's good!

wherever you land this weekend, enjoy...it's an order! :)


Porchlight Interiors said...

Simply gorgeous pics! Hope your son did well in his play...what fun! Tracey xx

elledee said...

that first teal clock is beyond beautiful! love it all!