Monday, November 23, 2009

colors of the season.

i hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine was. i'm getting more excited this year for the holidays than previous years, for various reasons, one being that i'm currently a full time student with not alot of other distractions. which is a treat.
i've rounded up some fall color palettes that i'm currently drawn to and seeking for decorating the thanksgiving dinner table, and the house.

next 2 photos: emma's design blog.

next 2 photos: design is mine's blog.

next 2 photos: from a great new polish design magazine i found via apartment therapy, called domosfera.

photo: katiedid's blog.

photo: creative archive.

photo: discover interior design.

photo: martha stewart

i'll be at home this thanksgiving. my mother is in rehab (with a broken hip, poor thing), so we'll be bringing her a plate of yummy eats, including home made pie. can't wait! there is certainly alot to be thankful for this year. enjoy these thanksgiving color palettes as you too get ready for the upcoming holiday of feasting :)



...full time student? Lucky lady...enjoyed the photos...have a great turkey day with mom...Mini will be with her dad and hopefully I will be with friends and a margarita....smile.

Leigh said...

How wonderful that you can enjoy your studies full-time without all the distractions. And these are great inspirations for the holidays. I think the top photo especially, I would use that year round as I am horrible with the real plants. LOL. Give me a good stick. Love it!

Kellie Collis said...

I am starting to love orange more and more! x

Oliveaux said...

Have a lovely Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to Christmas this year more than I can ever remember. Ax